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Online Counselling


For online counselling I use Zoom which is very safe and secure. Counselling in this way has become very popular since the COVID 19 pandemic. Please rest assured that I have received additional training to work in this way and I have found it to be as effective as face to face counselling.

There are many advantages to online counselling;

It can be more practical. You can fit it in around your work, childcare arrangements and there are no travel or parking costs.

It can be particularly helpful if you live in a very rural area.

You can talk comfortably from your own home, particularly helpful if you experience anxiety.

It can be less daunting than meeting in person, for people who experience social anxiety this can be a bonus. You may wish to have one or two sessions online and then move to face to face counselling when you are more comfortable.

If you have physical health problems that affect your mobility then online counselling could work best for you.

What to expect

Prior to your appointment you will be sent a Zoom link via email. You may be asked to install if you have not used it previously. It is very simple to do this, just follow the prompts.

You will need to turn on your camera and audio by clicking the two buttons at the bottom of the screen (once you can see me on the screen).

You can use Zoom on a tablet, phone or laptop so it is very convenient. Please ensure that you are in a quiet space where we will not be interrupted as this is your time.

Should we get disconnected throughout the session I will contact you by phone to try and reconnect. If there are internet problems that persist we can discuss whether to finish the session by phone or reschedule.

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